In this video you will experience what goes down when thousands of "Light Workers Unite" for 1 Vision and 1 Dream....


In the game of life, we're not always guaranteed tomorrow hence why right NOW in the present is ALWAYS the PERFECT time to "Make It Count."

"Who's time is it?" It's YOUR time my friend.

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My Simple 3 Step System To Freedom

Love & Light,

Justin & D Verrengia (and baby jedi Quan-Yin)

People ask me ALL THE TIME...

"Justin, what is it that you do?"

And because I don't like to put myself into any box to be labeled or limited, I reply...

"I am a Freedom Artist".

I empower others to do the things that which empower them.

It's my purpose to help you become more successful in all areas of your life.

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Love & Light,

Justin Verrengia

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This video defines the essence of meditation.

Taken in Thailand and produced with love.

Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.

Have love for your inner Self and everything else is done for you.

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-Justin "Hippie Jedi" Verrengia
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Love & Light

We are holding a special contest specifically for our Personally Sponsored Love & Light team.

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Contest Begins December 18th and Ends Midnight of January 23rd

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VBS Sale (Viral Blogging System) - 25 Points
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Masters Program Sale - 100 Points

Whoever has the most points generated during this period of time will win the following prizes listed down below.

1st Place Prize - The New MacBook Air - 11 Inch & Upgraded 256 GB - $1,283 Value


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3rd, 4th & 5th Place Prize - Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask - $95 Value

All 5 Winners will also recieve 2 hours of private time with D and I inside our personal hotel suite to hang out, take pics, shoot vids together and mastermind.

* Important Notes

  • If you got ALL-IN prior to August of 2013 you are not qualified to participate in this contest. This was done to keep it fair to where everyone who participates here has a solid chance to win.
  • If you win but do not show up in person to Miami for our event then you will be disqualified and the next person in line who attends will recieve your prize in your place.

We are looking forward to locking arms with you in Miami, spending time with you and giving away these awesome gifts.

Love & Light,

-Justin & D Verrengia


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